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Home100 yd Multipurpose Range (100 yard)

100 Yard Multi-Purpose Range

This range is covered by a modern, 3-sided shelter and contains 14 covered ambidextrous benches & 1 prone point (7). Point (9) has a chronograph pad. Additionally, there are three enclosed benches inside the heated winter shooting shed. Carpets for the benchtops, shooting rests, sandbags are located along the back wall. Please put them back in place when you are done shooting. Target frames are kept in a room behind the firing line. Target holders are available at 25, 50, 75 and 100 yards. 4 T-frames holding 16 steel gongs at located at 125 yards.
The winter shooting shed contains 3 benches, 2 of which are ambidextrous, a wood stove, wood supply, newspaper and matches. It is a very nice place to shoot during cold weather or reload during windy conditions, and also contains a platform to shoot out a window from the standing position. Please make sure your muzzles are outside the windows when using the winter shed. Shooters need to make sure everyone on the range and in the winter shed have properly “safed their rifles before going down range. This range has concrete sidewalks down the middle and across the four target lines.

Calibers Allowed: any rimfire and centerfire cartridge up to .50 BMG. NO ARMOR PIERCING OR STEEL PENETRATING AMMO ON STEEL TARGETS, this ammo is fine on paper if you would like to sight-in with it.