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200 Yard Range

200 Yard Rifle Range. This range has a 3-sided shed covering the firing line and contains 5 benches. Carpets for the benchtops are hung on the back wall. Shooting rests, sandbags and target frames are also located along the back wall. Please put them back in place when you are done shooting. Holders for our standard paper target frames are located at 200 yards and 2 T-frames holding 8 steel gongs are located at 235 yards. Shooting is only allowed from the firing line and only at the 200 & 235 yard targets. Shooting at any shorter distance is not allowed due to the hard surface that causes ricochets. You can shoot from the benches or using different positions on the floor. We have a wood platform in front of ne bench for setting up chronographs. You may drive your vehicle down to the target holders. Please park them behind the front edge of the shelter when shooting. Please don’t drive onto the range if it is muddy.