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Practical Pistol Range

50 Yard Practical/Tactical Range. This range is approximately 30 yards wide and allows multiple people or groups to use the range at the same time as long as they shoot the same distance or take turns shooting from different distances. If shooting from different distances, the non-shooter/s must be behind the active shooter/s. The telephone poles laying across the range are the back boundary and muzzles must be in front of the poles when shooting from the back line. Shooters can move forward, laterally and backwards while shooting. Tables and barricades are located on the range and can be moved to where they are needed. Metal targets are available on both sides of the range and paper target frames can also be used. All bullets must impact the backstop. No targets or bullet impacts are allowed along the side berms. Do not shoot any of the steel targets with a rifle, buckshot or slugs due to bounce back.