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Canyon Range

Canyon Range.  This range provides an extremely diverse set of shooting opportunities and is primarily for rifle. It is what sets our range apart from most other facilities in Southern Wyoming and Northern Colorado.  Please read the safety rules and set the sign to read "Personnel Down Range" when entering this range.  The first shooter or group on the range sets the firing line.  Other shooters may join them on that firing line or wait until the first group leaves and then establish a new firing line.  You can shoot from established firing points or move through the terrain using unique firing points.

We currently can shoot rifle at steel gongs at a wide variety of distances from 65 to 1200 yards.  We have 15 T-frames holding 58 metal gongs ranging from 6-16” round gongs and square/rectangular gongs from 11x12” up to 20x30”.  We can shoot paper targets using either our standard frames or target pits at 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800, 900 and 1000 yards. 

This range has 8 6x6 ft targets in a military style pit to accommodate NRA High Power, Middle Distance and Long Distance courses of fire.  We have the target systems and host Project Appleseed Rimfire (25-100 yard) and Centerfire (100-400 yard) Know Distance events.  We can also host shoot and move type events and Precision Rifle Series events.  One of our affiliate member groups has hosted a training/practice session event shooting at moving targets.