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50 Yard Pistol & Rimfire Range
Pistol Range

50 Yard Pistol & Rimfire Range.  This range contains two separate shooting venues.  You have to be aware of what is happening on both sides of the range before going down range.  There is a window in the east side of the shed but it is hard to see through from the rimfire side of the range. Step outside or inside to coordinate cease fires and going down range. 

The left half of the range is intended primarily for pistol shooting and is covered by a 3-sided metal shed.  There are benches inside the shelter to rest your firearms and gear on.  This range is for intended for stand-up shooting, not resting on the bench.  Target holders are set at 7, 12, 25 and 50 yards.  These are the only target holders you can use on this range.  The 25 & 50 yard target holders can be turned 90 degrees to allow shooting at timed exposures.  The control mechanism is under a wood box cover on the floor just as you enter the firing area.  A steel pipe leaning against the back wall is used to activate the mechanism.  There is also a set of steel gongs near the left side of the backstop about 60 yards from the firing line.  Only shoot at the gongs from the far-left end of the firing line.  Likewise, set your target frames directly in front of your firing position.  We don’t allow shooting across lanes or across to the rimfire side of the range.  ALL BULLETS MUST HIT THE 20-FOOT HIGH BACKSTOP AND NO WHERE ELSE.  If your rounds are striking the ground or the dirt berms in front of the 25 & 50 yard target holders you are not following the rules.  Those bullets will ricochet over the top of the backstop and potentially go towards the housing development to the north/northwest.  Set your targets and then check your alignment between your pistol, the target and the backstop.  If your bullets are not hitting the backstop then change the placement of your target on the target frame.