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Tactical Bays (3-Gun Bays)

Tactical Shooting (3-Gun Bays) These ranges are for tactical practice and 3-Gun (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun) competitions, they can be used any time there is not an event being held and are perfect for setting up your own course(s) of fire and training for friends and family wanting to get into shooting 3-Gun. They provide safe and private area(s) for most short range shooting including clays (over the back berm only). Please don't shoot higher than the center of the side berms. You can use targets we have set-up or your own, in any configuration you would like along any of the three berms as long as the rounds are impacting no higher than the center of the berms. These bays are approximately 40 yards deep and 10 yards wide and offer a huge opportunity for Moving, Shooting and Reloading drills.