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Rimfire Walk-about Trail

Rimfire Trail Walking Course.  Park at the shotgun range. This facility is located to the south and southeast of the shotgun range.  The range rules are on a sign by the shotgun range so please read and follow them, then follow the signs to the draw.  This range is only for use with 22 Short, Long or Long Rifle cartridges.  No 17 or 22 Magnums or any other type of firearm is allowed.  This range simulates small game hunting and provides excellent training for using different shooting positions.  You can use both rifles and pistols. Along the south side of the draw are 10 shooting stations marked with a number sign on a steel fence post.  Do not shoot these signs.  There is a set of 5 white-painted steel targets (rectangles and squares) near the bottom of the draw for each firing position.  These may be hard to see so a scoped rifle works best.  The numbered posts are the firing positions and provide shots from 35 to 85 yards.  You will have to shoot from field (prone, sitting, kneeling or standing) on most stations with a few stations having a rock, stump or log to rest on.  Bipods, cross sticks or a loop sling are a big help on this range.  You can get closer to the targets when using a 22 pistol.  A fun way to shoot is use the rifle on the way up the draw and then a pistol on the way back down.  When using the pistol stay along the same line as you used when firing the rifle from near the number post.  Walking the entire range is about a 1-mile round trip from the parking lot.  Bring plenty of ammo, some water, sunscreen and bug spray with you. Wear good boots, long pants and long sleeves due to cactus. It is rare to have more than one group on this range at the same time.  If that happens, keep separated 4-5 firing stations from each other and walk along the fence line behind them on your way back down the draw. 


The Rimfire Canyon gives an excellent opportunity to hone your skills in a real-world environment
Hike to the numerical signs (do not shoot them!) and search for the targets
The targets are small, akin to the size of a varmint or small game