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Shotgun Range

Shotgun Range.  This range is located at the far east end of the main road.  You will need to stop at the clubhouse and get a clay target thrower or provide your own thrower.  Return the thrower when you are done shooting and make sure it is in the “fired” position and not left cocked.  Some of the throwers can be adjusted for elevation and azimuth.  Use the attached wrench to make adjustment.  You must provide your own clay targets.  Don’t use any other kinds of targets on this range.  This range is only for birdshot.  Do not use any shot size bigger than #4, buckshot or slugs.  Do not use rifles or pistols on this range, it has no backstop.  The club’s throwers fit on top of the 4x4 posts and have bolts to lock them down.  There are railroad ties set vertically in the ground that form the left and right boundaries of the range.  Keep all your shots in between these boundaries.  Pickup all your empty shells and trash and put it in the dumpster by the clubhouse when you leave.  If you want to shoot formal trap, skeet or 5-stand contact the Laramie Trap Club located 4 miles west of town on Hwy 230.