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Our Ranges

The LRRC facility offers 11 ranges giving all shooters a safe place to enjoy their style of shooting. Click on a range below to find out more about what each range offers. This section is designed only to introduce the amenities each range has to offer; please see the Range Rules section for complete regulations for each range.


Archery Range

The archery range is located to left just after coming through the front gate. It has four (4) 4ft x 4ft archery targets laid out in a semi-circle pattern. Each target lane is separated by approximately 30 degrees (Northeast, East, Southeast and South) so archers can retrieve their arrows while the other lanes are in use. The 4 lanes converge near the small storage building and provide shots out to 70 yards. Some of the lanes have yardage markers every 10 yards. Broadheads are prohibited for use on our targets, only use field points to make the targets last longer. Archers can bring their own targets and set them within the Northeast to South shooting boundaries. Crossbows are allowed. The Board is considering cutting windows in the east side of the storage building to allow archers to get out of the wind to shoot. Drive Safe, during the winter the ruts in the road to the archery range fill up with snow and it’s easy to get your vehicle stuck.



50 Yard Pistol & Rimfire Range

This range contains two separate shooting venues. You have to be aware of what is happening on both sides of the range before going down range. There is a window in the east side of the shed but it is hard to see through from the rimfire side of the range. Step outside or inside to coordinate cease fires and going down range.

The left half of the range is intended primarily for pistol shooting and is covered by a 3-sided metal shed. There are benches inside the shelter to rest your firearms and gear on. This range is for intended for stand-up shooting, not resting on the bench. Target holders are set at 7, 12, 25 and 50 yards. These are the only target holders you can use on this range. The 25 & 50 yard target holders can be turned 90 degrees to allow shooting at timed exposures. The control mechanism is under a wood box cover on the floor just as you enter the firing area. A steel pipe leaning against the back wall is used to activate the mechanism. There is also a set of steel gongs near the left side of the backstop about 60 yards from the firing line. Only shoot at the gongs from the far-left end of the firing line. Likewise, set your target frames directly in front of your firing position. We don’t allow shooting across lanes or across to the rimfire side of the range. ALL BULLETS MUST HIT THE 20-FOOT HIGH BACKSTOP AND NO WHERE ELSE. If your rounds are striking the ground or the dirt berms in front of the 25 & 50 yard target holders you are not following the rules. Those bullets will ricochet over the top of the backstop and potentially go towards the housing development to the north/northwest. Set your targets and then check your alignment between your pistol, the target and the backstop. If your bullets are not hitting the backstop then change the placement of your target on the target frame.

.22 Rimfire

Pistol Range and 22 Rimfire Range

This range contains two separate shooting venues. You have to be aware of what is happening on both sides of the range before going down range. There is a window in the east side of the shed but it is hard to see through from the rimfire side of the range. Step outside or inside to coordinate cease fires and going down range.

The right half of the range is intended for rimfire rifles but can also be used for muzzleloaders. All shooting is done from the concrete benches. There are pieces of carpet cut for these benches hanging in the entrance to the pistol shed. Please rehang the carpets when you are done shooting. There are sandbags and target frames located in the pistol shelter you can use. The target holders are located at 25 & 50 yards. There is a set of small steel gongs on the far-right side of the backstop about 60 yards from the firing line. Only shoot at these from the far-right side of the range. You can set target frames at both the 25 & 50 yard lines. There are also metal engine valves stuck in the top of some rail road ties. There are metal silhouette targets in a plastic bucket to set on these stands. Only shoot the silhouettes with standard 22 ammo, don’t use 17 or 22 Magnums as they damage the targets and make them hard to find. Pickup the silhouettes and put them back in the bucket when you are done shooting.

100 Yard

100 Yard Multi-Purpose Range

This range is covered by a modern, 3-sided shelter and contains 14 covered ambidextrous benches & 1 prone point (7). Point (9) has a chronograph pad. Additionally, there are three enclosed benches inside the heated winter shooting shed. Carpets for the bench-tops, shooting rests, sandbags are located along the back wall. Please put them back in place when you are done shooting. Target frames are kept in a room behind the firing line. Target holders are available at 25, 50, 75 and 100 yards. 4 T-frames holding 16 steel gongs at located at 125 yards.

The winter shooting shed contains 3 benches, 2 of which are ambidextrous, a wood stove, wood supply, newspaper and matches. It is a very nice place to shoot during cold weather or reload during windy conditions, and also contains a platform to shoot out a window from the standing position. Please make sure your muzzles are outside the windows when using the winter shed. Shooters need to make sure everyone on the range and in the winter shed have properly “safed” their rifles before going down range. This range has concrete sidewalks down the middle and across the four target lines.

Calibers Allowed: any rimfire and centerfire cartridge up to .50 BMG. NO ARMOR PIERCING OR STEEL PENETRATING AMMO ON STEEL TARGETS, this ammo is fine on paper if you would like to sight-in with it. No shotguns may be used on this range.


200 Yard

200 Yard Range

200 Yard Rifle Range. This range has a 3-sided shed covering the firing line and contains 5 benches. Carpets for the bench-tops are hung on the back wall. Shooting rests, sandbags and target frames are also located along the back wall. Please put them back in place when you are done shooting. Holders for our standard paper target frames are located at 200 yards and 2 T-frames holding 8 steel gongs are located at 235 yards. Shooting is only allowed from the firing line and only at the 200 & 235 yard targets. Shooting at any shorter distance is not allowed due to the hard surface that causes ricochets. You can shoot from the benches or using different positions on the floor. We have a wood platform in front of the bench for setting up chronographs. You may drive your vehicle down to the target holders. Please park them behind the front edge of the shelter when shooting. Please don’t drive onto the range if it is muddy.


Practical Pistol Range

50 Yard Practical/Tactical Range. This range is approximately 30 yards wide and allows multiple people or groups to use the range at the same time as long as they shoot the same distance or take turns shooting from different distances. If shooting from different distances, the non-shooter/s must be behind the active shooter/s. The telephone poles laying across the range are the back boundary and muzzles must be in front of the poles when shooting from the back line. Shooters can move forward, laterally and backwards while shooting. Tables and barricades are located on the range and can be moved to where they are needed. Metal targets are available on both sides of the range and paper target frames can also be used. All bullets must impact the backstop. No targets or bullet impacts are allowed along the side berms. Do not shoot any of the steel targets with a rifle, buckshot or slugs due to bounce back.





Tactical Bays (3-Gun Bays)

These ranges are for tactical practice and 3-Gun (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun) competitions, they can be used any time there is not an event being held and are perfect for setting up your own course(s) of fire and training for friends and family wanting to get into shooting 3-Gun. They provide safe and private area(s) for most short range shooting including clays (over the back berm only). Please don't shoot higher than the center of the side berms. You can use targets we have set-up or your own, in any configuration you would like along any of the three berms as long as the rounds are impacting no higher than the center of the berms. These bays are approximately 40 yards deep and 10 yards wide and offer a huge opportunity for Moving, Shooting and Reloading drills. NO shooting wooden target frames with shotguns.


Rimfire Trail

Rimfire Walk-about Trail

Rimfire Trail Walking Course. Park at the shotgun range. This facility is located to the south and southeast of the shotgun range. The range rules are on a sign by the shotgun range so please read and follow them, then follow the signs to the draw. This range is only for use with 22 Short, Long or Long Rifle cartridges. No 17 or 22 Magnums or any other type of firearm is allowed. This range simulates small game hunting and provides excellent training for using different shooting positions. You can use both rifles and pistols. Along the south side of the draw are 10 shooting stations marked with a number sign on a steel fence post. Do not shoot these signs. There is a set of 5 white-painted steel targets (rectangles and squares) near the bottom of the draw for each firing position. These may be hard to see so a scoped rifle works best. The numbered posts are the firing positions and provide shots from 35 to 85 yards. You will have to shoot from field (prone, sitting, kneeling or standing) on most stations with a few stations having a rock, stump or log to rest on. Bipods, cross sticks or a loop sling are a big help on this range. You can get closer to the targets when using a 22 pistol. A fun way to shoot is use the rifle on the way up the draw and then a pistol on the way back down. When using the pistol stay along the same line as you used when firing the rifle from near the number post. Walking the entire range is about a 1-mile round trip from the parking lot. Bring plenty of ammo, some water, sunscreen and bug spray with you. Wear good boots, long pants and long sleeves due to cactus. It is rare to have more than one group on this range at the same time. If that happens, keep separated 4-5 firing stations from each other and walk along the fence line behind them on your way back down the draw.


Shotgun Range

This range is located at the far east end of the main road. You will need to stop at the clubhouse and get a clay target thrower or provide your own thrower. Return the thrower when you are done shooting and make sure it is in the “fired” position and not left cocked. Some of the throwers can be adjusted for elevation and azimuth. Use the attached wrench to make adjustment. You must provide your own clay targets. Don’t use any other kinds of targets on this range. This range is only for birdshot. Do not use any shot size bigger than #4, buckshot or slugs. Do not use rifles or pistols on this range, it has no backstop. The club’s throwers fit on top of the 4x4 posts and have bolts to lock them down. There are railroad ties set vertically in the ground that form the left and right boundaries of the range. Keep all your shots in between these boundaries. Pickup all your empty shells and trash and put it in the dumpster by the clubhouse when you leave. There is a frame for testing brake patterns, please bring your own cardboard. Do not shoot wooden target frames with shot.

If you want to shoot formal trap, skeet or 5-stand contact the Laramie Trap Club located 4 miles west of town on Hwy 230.

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Canyon Range

Canyon Range

This range provides an extremely diverse set of shooting opportunities and is primarily for rifle. It is what sets our range apart from most other facilities in Southern Wyoming and Northern Colorado. Please read the safety rules and set the sign to read "Personnel Down Range" when entering this range. The first shooter or group on the range sets the firing line. Other shooters may join them on that firing line or wait until the first group leaves and then establish a new firing line. You can shoot from established firing points or move through the terrain using unique firing points.

We currently can shoot rifle at steel gongs at a wide variety of distances from 65 to 1200 yards. We have 15 T-frames holding 58 metal gongs ranging from 6-16” round gongs and square/rectangular gongs from 11x12” up to 20x30”. We can shoot paper targets using either our standard frames or target pits at 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800, 900 and 1000 yards.

This range has 8 6x6 ft targets in a military style pit to accommodate NRA High Power, Middle Distance and Long Distance courses of fire. We have the target systems and host Project Appleseed Rimfire (25-100 yard) and Centerfire (100-400 yard) Know Distance events. We can also host shoot and move type events and Precision Rifle Series events. One of our affiliate member groups has hosted a training/practice session event shooting at moving targets.